Additional Services


Accounting Challenges

IRS or payroll tax problems? Past due IRS and state reports? Banking errors (yours or theirs), crashed systems, abandoned or neglected processes that you need to get back on track? 

We can help.

Database and Accounting Microsystems

Small organizations often have cumbersome, manual processes because they don't believe the cost and effort to utilize automation would be worth it. Whether it's accounting, membership or mailing lists, let us show you how our databases and microsystems are more effective and more valuable than spreadsheets and paper.

Non-Profit and Tax-Exempt Organizations

Do you have great ideas, but don't know how to set up the organization? We do. Call us.

Taxes & IRS

While they are usually exempt from income taxes, non-profits have employees who do pay income taxes. Tax regulations for clergy are particularly unusual, but are often highly beneficial. Professional advice, assistance and training on income taxes could be invaluable to you, your organization and your staff.

Operational Support

The skills and experience that NPES can bring to bear for the benefit of your organization is limited only by our ability to demonstrate what we're capable of doing. Our experience, technology and skills can be applied to virtually any task or problem your small non-profit can encounter.