NPES Primary Services

Part-Time CFO Services

Every organization needs a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and accountant; but these positions are often "filled" by unskilled volunteers or staff hired to do other jobs. For only a few dollars a month, you can have complete financial and accounting support by an experienced, non-profit expert. Guaranteed timely and accurate!

Board & Strategic Improvement

Is your board knowledgeable, active and effective in directing and supporting you and your organization? Let us bring you our decades of board and strategic management experience in corporations and non-profits - especially small non-profits like yours.

Accounting Systems

Have an accounting process that's not working as well as you need it to? Want to take advantage of low-cost accounting software but don't know enough to set it up and teach your staff how it works? Or do you just want an expert to review your current process and provide some suggestions and training?