What is Non-Profit Executive Services?

NPES is:

a highly customized and very personalized service targeted to (and designed to be affordable by) small non-profit organizations. We provide services to those organizations which we believe reflect significant actual or potential societal benefit pursued by management with passion and integrity.

How does NPES work?

We believe that most small non-profits can benefit significantly from the support of a strong, executive level consultant, but few of these organizations have the financial resources to hire such a professional full-time or to contract with a large professional company to fulfill their needs. NPES provides just this, in small amounts to a small number of worthwhile non-profits. Each of those organizations gets exactly and only what they need: the few hours of targeted expertise, customized to their specific needs. You only pay for what you need - on a one-time basis, or monthly, it's your choice!

Who is NPES?

NPES is owned and operated by Roger Smith.

I am very successful in traditional business, working for over 25 years in major corporations and firms as a CPA, an MBA and a Senior Vice President in the 8th largest bank in the US.

Why does NPES work?

While very successful in executive management in the corporate sector, I strongly believe "little" non-profits can and should be allowed to benefit greatly from my unique and powerful skills and experience.  I am not in this to make my fortune, but to use my talents, perspectives and priorities to help those who strive to help others and to make our community a better place.

Who does NPES work for?

NPES clients are almost exclusively small non-profits in the Greater Cincinnati area. While our clients and their services are, of course, confidential, the link below can provide you with some general information and perspective.

Where does NPES work?

All of our client interactions generally take place at the client's location. Most of our support services, however, particularly those of a recurring nature, are performed and maintained at our location on our computers, with information and back-up files provided to each client as needed and requested. While work space and system access are needed, we do not generally require dedicated or permanent work space at the client's location.